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The Hershey Country Club turf blog is to intended to inform and educate our guests and membership of the Hershey Country Club. Through the information provided, the turf maintenance team will aim to offer insight on current happenings at the East, West, and Spring Creek golf courses through out the year. We will keep this blog updated with any current turf maintenance practices, long term projects, and many other topics involving the maintenance of the golf courses.

The sod project wrapped up on Friday morning. Open the article to find out how many rolls we put out!
Sod prep has begun to repair all of the flood damaged turf on the West Course.
Why is the rough a little longer than normal?
Check out our newest equipment addition, a Turf Fan.
Click on this post and you will find a quick video that talks about syringing greens at HCC and a video from the USGA that discusses syringing greens and the purpose.
The Spring of 2018 will go down as one of the colder starts to a golfing season in recent history.
Check out this video that describes our new Australian Style Bunker raking and how you can help keep our bunkers in perfect condition.
Open the article to see drone pictures of the bunker Project
If you have been out to the range recently, you might have noticed some working going on in the landing of the driving range. The turf maintenance team is in the process of constructing bunkers around the target greens.
I hope everybody is having an enjoyable winter. During this winter there have been many extreme temperature swings which has created a rather inconsistent pattern for golf and course conditions.
It is hard to believe we are half way through August already. It is even harder to believe the rough is growing this much for the middle of August!!

How are the roots doing?

Posted 7/14/2017

As summer officially starts tomorrow, it seems the temperatures are cranking up a little early. We just went through our first hot and dry spell of the summer.
The turf team is trying a new goose control method to try to deter the geese from coming to the course to sleep. This method is a solar powered flashing amber light that blinks at night.
It is that time of year again to get out your Crabgrass control. Last week we finished applying all of our control here at HCC.