Turf Blog

The Hershey Country Club turf blog is to intended to inform and educate our guests and membership of the Hershey Country Club. Through the information provided, the turf maintenance team will aim to offer insight on current happenings at the East, West, and Spring Creek golf courses through out the year. We will keep this blog updated with any current turf maintenance practices, long term projects, and many other topics involving the maintenance of the golf courses.

Check out these 2 short videos from the USGA on Putting Green Etiquette and Divot Repair
As most of the snow has melted from the golf courses the race has begun to get the courses cleaned up from the winter and ready for another exciting golf season. There are many different jobs that have to be accomplished in order to get the golf courses open for play with great conditions.
The 2017 golf season might not be in full swing, but we have certainly received an early preview courtesy of a mild winter to date from mother nature. It has been great to see many of you out on the golf courses over the past week.
This past week we continued to make improvements to hole # 4 on the West. We added river rock to the creek bed we created down the left side of the hole. We have also started what will become an aggressive sanding program on the fairway. Along with the new drainage, the sand will help create a firmer surface.
The mild temperatures this January have given the turf team the opportunity to start building new sand bins to store bunker sand and topdressing. The bins will help prevent the different sands from becoming contaminated as well as give the left of 6 East a cleaner appearance.
The cold temperatures earlier this week gave the turf team a great opportunity to get out on the course and start removing some of the dead and declining trees on the golf course.