Your Visit

Plan your upcoming visit to Hershey Country Club and get all the information you need to be prepared for your arrival – whether it’s for a special event, a round of golf, or dinner with friends!

Our team at Hershey Country Club is eager to host you for your upcoming visit – be it for a round of golf, a special event such as a wedding, meeting, or just dinner with friends. As a premier Club, we adhere to a set of guidelines and regulations for all our golf courses as well as for our Clubhouse. We do this to provide an exceptional and enriched experience for all our guests and Members. Our team is willing and able to help you prepare for your upcoming visit in any way possible. We look forward to hosting you for a memorable and enjoyable visit.

Contact us with questions 

Please call 717-533-2360 for questions or inquiries. We look forward to your visit. 

Your Golf Visit

We look forward to having you for a round of golf, putting session, or customized lesson any day of the week. With three premier courses offering varied views, difficulties, and fairways, you are sure to have an exciting and enjoyable time. Before you visit, please read over our Guidelines & Regulations which highlights our dress code policy, tee time interval information, and spike regulations. We hope to see you soon for your upcoming golf visit and to prove to you that Hershey Country Club is unmatched in service, satisfaction, and recreation.

Your Golf Visit – Spring Creek

Spring Creek Golf Course is open for the general public to enjoy a round of golf at their leisure. Before your visit, make sure to schedule a starting time by calling the Spring Creek Golf Shop. Walk-in play is also welcome, however, players who have a reserved time will have precedence at the first tee. Please make sure to review our Guidelines & Regulations before visiting us for your next golf outing at Spring Creek.

Your Special Event Visit

Hershey Country Club is an ideal setting for an array of special events and activities – from weddings and reunions to receptions and anniversaries. Look over our room plans and menus, get to know our team of dedicated professionals, and get information on our Clubhouse and facilities. Whether you are a guest or the host of the event, feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at Hershey Country Club.