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Hershey Country Club Rich in Tradition since 1930

Past, present, and future melt together in Hershey, which owes its enduring charm and excitement to the character and vision of its founder, Milton S. Hershey. It was here, surrounded by some of America’s most productive dairy farms, that he opened the world’s first modern chocolate factory, and built the “model town” for employees and their families.

Hershey Country Club is one of the many rich and vibrant legacies created by Milton S. Hershey. It represents a way of living, an ease and elegance which recalls the days of Milton S. Hershey and his vision for a town built on chocolate…the perfect place to live, work, and play. In addition to distinctive golf, Hershey Country Club was founded to provide a place to unwind and relax, to meet, entertain, and celebrate with family and friends. A timeless study in luxury, the past echoes and the future beckons at Hershey Country Club.

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