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Golf Course Etiquette
As we move into the heart of the golf season, the turf team wanted to engage the membership about what to expect on the golf course.
Our turf team is working extremely hard to create a great golf course for the membership each day. While the work we do to maintain the course is often done early in the morning, we do not have the ability to do all of our mowing ahead of play and will need to be working while members are golfing. Our consistent message to the turf team is to acknowledge and be respectful of the members, while efficiently getting your job completed. While we onboard close to 25 new team members each year, it takes time to get everybody on the same page, and I wanted to share the expectations of the turf team with you so you know what to expect on the golf course.

1. When running small mowers or weed eaters around tee or green complexes, the team will shutoff the equipment until the golfer is finished with the hole.
2. When running large mowers around tees, greens, or fairways; the team will not shut off the mower because it is not good for the health of the machine, but they will stop mowing and idle down if they are close to a golfer.
3. When raking bunkers at a green complex, the turf team will acknowledge the golfer and wave them on so they can see the shot and try not to be in direct line of the incoming shot. If the golfers are on the putting green the team is to engage the golfer and ask if they mind if they continue raking or if they would rather they wait until they are done putting.
4. While driving through the golf course with carts, the team will try to cross at points away from green and tee complexes to cut down on noise near these complexes.
5. Turf team employees are expected to turn down their radio while around golfers.

The Turf Team is truly committed to creating a great golf course and a great experience for each member, and we appreciate your understanding as we onboard and train several new team members.Look forward to seeing everybody on the course soon.