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Gray Leaf Spot in Rough
Why is the rough a little longer than normal?
The past few weeks the rough has been a little longer than normal.  There is a strategy behind the longer grass and the turf team is diligently working to get the rough mowed as quickly as possible.  The combination of 30 inches of rain this summer and the consistently high night time temps and humidity have increased the fungal disease pressure.  In particular gray leaf spot has been hard to control this year.  We have been preventative, spraying fungicide on the rough that we can access with sprayers. We have also reduced our mowing to only when the turf is dry so we are less likely to spread the fungal spores of the disease.  This practice takes the team a little longer into the week to get all the grass mowed, but we will still get it all mowed each week.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to balance healthy rough and playable conditions.