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Rough Rough Rough
It is hard to believe we are half way through August already. It is even harder to believe the rough is growing this much for the middle of August!!
If you have played the golf courses this week or last week I am sure you have noticed the rough is a little thicker than our normal August conditions.  Plenty of rain and normal to cooler than normal temperatures have allowed the turf to continue to actively grow.  Typically this time of the year the turf is going into "survival mode" and stops actively growing to conserve carbohydrates and  nutrients, to survive the heat and humidity.  

One thing our turf team is doing differently this year is waiting till the grass drys completely to start mowing.  The reason being with all the continued wet conditions there are many different fungus spores out there that will kill the turf very quickly.  One of the best management practices to keep from spreading the fungus is to mow in dry conditions to prevent the spores from sticking to the mower and easily being spread throughout the golf course.  It will take us a little longer into the week to get all the grass mowed, but a little longer grass now is better than dead grass later.