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How has the Roller Coaster Spring Effected the Greens?
This Spring has proven to be a roller coaster of temperature swings. An early warm up, followed by a late snow, then more cooler moderate temps, and a few 90 degree days have certainly had an up and down effect on soil temperatures which control how the turf plants grow.
The pattern that we have seen develop is that different types of grasses have been growing at drastically different rates.  Bent grass has been very slow to break winter dormancy which creates slow recovery from aerification on greens like 6 West and the chipping green.  On most of our other greens, Poa Annua has loved the cooler wet conditions and have been growing very fast and producing some seed heads. Overall the Spring weather conditions have produced great root development on our greens on both courses and we are seeing some very long and dense roots.   Rough height grass has been loving the weather too.  I am sure many of you can relate with home lawns that need mowed more than you would like!  As the summer heat slowly increases and the seed head season ends, you can expect to see a slow down in the growth rate of your lawn.